Mindfulness Meditation by Buddha
Mindfulness Meditation Techniques

Mindfulness is BEING rather than DOING

Mindfulness Meditation is BEING rather than DOING, which requires more energy, attentiveness, and strength to stay in the BEING mode. Mindfulness meditation practitioners look outwardly sleeping, you cannot see what they are doing, but they are working hard.

They are practicing NON-DOING. They are actively tuning in to each moment in an effort to remain AWAKE and AWARE from one moment to the next. They are practicing MINDFULNESS.

Another way to say it is that they are practicing BEING. For once, they are purposefully stopping all the doing in their lives and relaxing into the present without trying to fill it up with anything.

They are purposefully allowing body and mind to come to rest in the moment, no matter what is “on” their mind or how their body feels. They are tuning in to the basic experiences of living. They are simply allowing themselves to be in the moment with things exactly as they are, without trying to change anything.

In order to advance in the mindfulness meditation, practitioner has to agree to make a major personal commitment to spend some time every day practicing this “JUST BEING“. The basic idea is to create an island of being in the sea of constant doing in which our lives are usually immersed, a time in which we allow all the “doing” to stop.

Learning how to stop all your doing and shift over to a “BEING” mode, learning how to make time for yourself, how to slow down and nurture calmness and self-acceptance in yourself, learning to observe what your own mind is up to from moment to moment, how to watch your thoughts and how to let go of them without getting so caught up and driven by them, how to make room for new ways of seeing old problems and for perceiving the interconnectedness of things, these are some of the lessons of Mindfulness.

This kind of learning involves settling into moments of BEING and cultivating AWARENESS.

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